Proven Reliability

Harvest biologic concentration technology provides clinicians and physicians with the following advantages: 

  • Generates biologic treatments with no manual adjustment from patient to patient
  • Produces concentrated, high-quality, injection-ready biologics with simple operation
  • Delivers low run-to-run variability2,12,38 

Automated Processing

Combined with Harvest® SmartPrep® System Platelet Concentrate (PC) Procedure Packs, the Harvest SmartPrep® Multicellular Processing System automates point-of-care processing of biologics.  

  • Produces concentrated autologous biologics in less than 15 minutes’ processing time1
  • Reduces number of steps versus a manual method
  • Simplifies training among multiple users

Designed to Reduce Risk of Contamination

The disposables used with some other APC systems have design features that can increase the risk of contamination. Harvest process disposables incorporate resealable injection ports that can be aseptically disinfected prior to entry. The Harvest process disposable design reduces the opportunity for contamination of the final product.16